Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Make a Great Choice - Make Every Moment Count

The upshot of a recent article on the internet suggested that having choices increases our motivation and has a positive effect on our learning. When choices are used properly, they can be used to combat two common challenges: the feeling that things are boring and mundane and the feeling that situations are hard and daunting.

While we know our profession can be daunting at times, the MASFAA conference will be neither boring nor mundane. Offering an abundance of choices the conference include tracks on Best Practices, Innovation/New Ideas, Financial Literacy, Back to the Basics and “Awesome” Sessions.  See the tentative list of sessions here.

From Manager to Advisor - anyone looking to help their office advance to the next level of thinking and technology will find something of interest.  Make Every Moment Count and plan to attend the MASFAA conference in Dayton October 8-11, 2017.

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