Monday, September 18, 2017

Financial Aid and Mushing

Two words I never, ever, EVER would expect to see together - Financial Aid and Mushing.

Well, first I had to look up “Mushing”.

Go ahead and look it up – I’ll wait…….

Attending the upcoming MASFAA Conference in Dayton, OH in October will give attendees the opportunity to hear how Jodi has learned to “…Lead From Behind…”.

We have attended many session on management and interpersonal relationship building as well as working together on teams.  Let me tell you, this will be the first time you will hear about leading as Jodi has had to learn to lead – from behind.

We are excited to bring you Jodi’s unique and at times humorous perspective and adventures all while learning together – we look forward to seeing you soon in Dayton!

A brief Look at Jodi ~

Jodi Bailey, 48, grew up on the island of Marthas Vineyard MA. She earned her BA in Theater Studies and Anthropology at Emory University in Atlanta GA. While at Emory she made her first summer trip to Alaska to study storytelling. “Since my first summer here I knew in my heart Alaska was the place for me”. After graduating in 1991 she moved to Fairbanks and never looked back. In addition to mushing Jodi enjoys yoga, running, gardening, and cooking. Jodi and her husband, Yukon Quest and Iditarod veteran, Dan Kaduce, call Dew Claw Kennel in Chatanika Alaska home; along with Opal & Jasper (the house dogs) their team of racing Alaskan huskies, and Chopper (the cat who is cool enough to live with this many dogs).

Jodi began mushing in 1995 and has focused on distance races including the Copper Basin 300, Tustumena 200, Denali Doubles, Kobuk 440, and Yukon Quest. In 2011 Jodi made history when she became the first rookie to successfully complete both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod in the same year. “One of my favorite things about distance racing is the relationship you develop with your team over the hours and miles.” Jodi explains, “We are running dogs that were born in our living room, the descendants of our original race dogs. It is exciting to see them grow from wiggly fur balls to world class athletes”

Monday, September 11, 2017

Register Today

Your 2017 MASFAA Conference flight beckons you with:
35 Concurrent Sessions
NASFAA Credentialing Session
6 Business Solutions options
    In-Flight General Sessions featuring:
Justin Draeger, NASFAA President and CEO
Billie Jo Hamilton, NASFAA National Chair
Eve Rips, Director of Regional Strategy, Young Invincibles
Jodi Bailey, An Iditarod racer, Co-Owner of Dew Claw Kennel
Lena Tenney and Robin Wright, Kirwan Institute Researchers

MASFAA, the oldest regional Financial Aid assocation, is celebrating our 55th year by Making Every Moment Count.  As recorded in our 25th year history book, MASFAA – Pioneer and Leader by Stephen A. Morris, “The primary role of the regional association is to meet both the individual needs of its members and the collective concerns of the financial aid profession.”  Our 2017 MASFAA Conference is designed to effectively fulfill both of these goals.

For you as an individual, MASFAA is your chance to really connect with peers from throughout our region.  Sharing perspectives, ideas and encouragement, you can learn from peer experiences to better serve your institutions.  You can also share; others need to benefit from what you can give!  We connect you to both national and federal trainers at an extremely reasonable cost point.  MASFAA professional development is also your step towards involvement at the national level.  MASFAA members have a very strong presence in leading national policy discussions benefiting our students and profession.

Professional service vendors. Over 20 companies who help with a variety of Financial Aid services will be available to speak with you about options on ways to improve your operations.  These companies strengthen our ability to help make student’s dreams come true. 

Dayton!  Host to several cultural experiences the weekend we are there like The Ohio Renaissance Festival, Dayton River Corredor Classic Half Marathon, and Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire.  Home to the National Museum of the US Air Force and great aviation history giants Orville and Wilber Wright.  We will be experiencing an amazing piece of this history as we dine at Carillon Historical Park, home to the original Wright Flyer III.  Based at the fully renovated Marriott at the University of Dayton we have outstanding accomodations ready for us to enjoy.  It’s worth considering coming in early.  The hotel registration deadline is coming right up next week, so do not delay!  Register now!

It’s time to fly!  Get your ticket, come find your seat and get ready to enjoy the view.

MASFAA – Your Regional Financial Aid Conference.  Your High Flying Experience Awaits!