Monday, April 3, 2017

Get Ready for DAYTON!

Today’s magic number is 31. What is the significance of this number, you ask? For our sports fans, it represents the retired number for several pro athletes such as Reggie Miller, Mike Piazza, and Grant Fuhr. For our sweet tooth fans, it represents the number of flavors of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream. In numerology, the number 31 represents practical, yet creative, energy. It is also the number of days that are in the month of October, which happens to be the month MASFAA is in Dayton.  Ironically, it is also the number of presentations that are already confirmed for the conference.

We are almost six months away from the best dang financial aid conference that Dayton has ever seen! Have you talked about attendance in your office? If not, take the following information to your next staff meeting. Our sessions will include topics such as:

Campus Partnerships: Admissions, Financial Aid, and Academic Advising
Cross Cultural Competence and Communicating With Diverse Populations in the Financial Aid Office
Using Social Media to Provide Just In Time Personal Financial Education as a Means to Build Financial Capability for Millennials
Building Flexible Options with Inflexible Rules
Nudge for Good: Applying Nudge Theory to Financial Aid
How to Say No: Improving Responses to Award Appeals
Diversity Advocate: Best Practices for Hiring a Diverse Workforce
Introduction to NCAA Division I Athletic Financial Aid
Developing the Financially Savvy Student
Helping First in Family Students Develop a College Roadmap
Information Overload!!! - Incoming Student Onboarding
Making Every Signature Count
Race Matters... And So Does Gender - Implicit Bias
Student Workers- How to benefit both sides of the table!
Making Summer Pay Off: Using Behavioral Science to Incentivize Continual Enrollment
Who's Going to Fill Your Shoes?

Those are just some of the amazing topics that will be discussed in the Gem City. We want to see you there! Dayton- get ready for one heck of a crew to invade your city beginning October 8th! Registration will begin June 1, are you going to be ready?

If you need a reason OTHER than the amazing program that we're preparing to come to Dayton, look no further than…chocolate! Chocolate? That's right, Dayton is home to Madame Delluc Artisan Chocolatier, a genuine Belgian chocolatier. Its parent company has been named one of the 15 happiest places on earth and the chocolate bars one of the world's nine best - sounds like a place we need to visit!

my apologies to those who have given up sweets for Lent

If chocolate isn't your thing, Dayton has a rich history of transportation. You may have heard of a couple of guys named Wilbur and Orville who may be partially responsible for getting you to Dayton -  aviation history is well-preserved at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park. Along the aviation theme, the National Museum of the US Air Force holds the title of world's largest and oldest military aviation museum, along with Ohio's most-visited FREE attraction!  

Not into the planes? Dayton has cars, too.  The British Transportation Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of English transportation. They're the only exclusive British museum of its kind in the United States. Into American cars? The Packard Museum is has the largest collection of Packard automobiles and memorabilia in the United States. 

Ready to get active?  Dayton was named one of the top 50 cycling cities in the United States by Bicycling Magazine. It's also a bike share city through LinkDYT - so be sure to grab a bike while you're in the city.  If we happen to have a cool fall (who knows, it's the Midwest), an indoor bike park is set to open this summer.  Into hiking?  Here's a list of some hiking trails in and around Dayton.

There's plenty of things that we missed here - but don't worry - we have a few more months to give you updates!  Get ready for DAYTON!

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