Monday, October 10, 2016

President's Welcome to 16-17


We have started a new year and your 2016-2017 MASFAA Board welcomes you to jump in with us as we build upon our great history of serving peers and students within our nine great states.  Right now, today, we have opportunities for you to contribute and grow within your regional Financial Aid association.
If you are new to MASFAA, become an active participant.  Attend our Summer Institute or Leadership Symposium and you will grow.
If you are a seasoned professional, share your expertise and help us train.
If you want to help students, jump into our advocacy efforts.
If you have something to say, contribute to the MASFAA Blog.
If you are an associate member, please keep helping us succeed.  We need your insights, creativity, ideas and products so we can do our best.
If you are from around THE state of Ohio, please help with our 2017 Conference Local Arrangements.
If you can teach, develop a conference session.
If you’re technologically savvy and secretly want to go Wild, help us build our new website using Wild Apricot. (contact Jayme Jarrett)

If you have heart, join a MASFAA committee.
If you have vision, run for a MASFAA office.
If you have breath, Make Every Moment Count in all aspects of your life.  For yourself.  Your family.  Your friends.  Your work.  Your profession.
I encourage you to live abundantly in every aspect of your life, including your professional contributions.  Make Every Moment Count in everything, including MASFAA.

-          Thomas Ratliff, MASFAA President 2016-17

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