Monday, August 15, 2016

Come Learn Cash Management - Pre-Conference Workshop!

Cash Management Pre-Conference Workshop
9:30 – 11:30 am, Sunday, October 3rd

Ever wonder how Title IV funds flow back and forth from the feds to institutions?  Do you know what the requirements are and who is responsible for it in your office or at your institution?  What role does the financial aid office play?
Find out at the MASFAA Pre-Conference  NASFAA Credentialing Opportunity!
Join Emily and Gena as we delve into the NASFAA U Course on Cash Management. Learn about your school’s responsibility in managing Title IV funds and answer these questions:

                -What is your responsibility in requesting and receiving funds?
                -When can you disburse aid to students?
                -Can you front fund federal aid to students?
                -Which schools have to wait to make disbursements and why?

Through informative lecture, interactive learning activities, and engaging quizzes, MASFAA will take you through course content which will prepare you to become credentialed in Cash Management. Understanding cash management principles will help you to have a greater understanding of the overall process of awarding federal funds and all that goes into it, and ultimately enhance and expand your skill set as a financial aid professional. 

Now you know what it the course can provide you with, but as financial aid administrators, we’re all about the bottom line. What does this mean for your budget? It means you save money and time!  Register today!

MASFAA Pre-Conference Session
$50/person – Save Money!
Mode of Instruction
Online Instruction
In Person Instruction - Ask Questions, Immediate Response!
Time Commitment
1 Month
2 Hours – Save Time!

Gena Boling is the Associate Director of Financial Aid at the University of Missouri and has served the MASFAA Board as well as her state association in multiple capacities. While President of the Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Personnel, Gena brought NASFAA Credentialing to her state by tasking the MASFAP Professional Development Committee with the first implementation of training which would result in a NASFAA Credential. To date, more than 400 credentials have been earned by aid administrators in the state of Missouri. Gena recently participated as faculty of the MASFAA Summer Institute and is eager to assist with MASFAA Pre-Conference training.

Emily Haynam-Janero is the Assistant Director of Compliance and Training in the Office of Enrollment Services-Student Financial Aid at The Ohio State University.  This past year, Emily served as co-chair for MASFAA’s Professional Development committee, leading the curriculum for the 2016 Summer Institute and Leadership Symposium.  In the summer prior, Emily served as faculty for the 2015 Summer Institute and taught the 2015 MASFAA pre-conference on the topic of Student Eligibility.  She is certified in 11 NASFAA credentials, is actively involved in training initiatives in her state association (OASFAA) as well as serving it as the Southeast Regional Elected Representative.

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