Monday, August 29, 2016

Access Committee recognizes Moberley Area Community College: UCAN2 as Second Place Access Award Recipient – 2015

Written by Donna Holubik

Moberly Area Community College’s (MACC) UCAN2 program is designed to encourage middle school students to prepare for high school and life after high school.  The programs strives to provide students with the belief that college is possible.

MACC partnered with the Moberly Public School District so ALL students in the district are provided equal opportunity to engage in the UCAN2 program.  MACC provides 100% of the funding for this program.

UCAN2 is composed of three levels:

  • 6th Grade:  Students receive an exclusive tour of the college campus and get a first impression of college and the importance of making positive choices while in school.
  • 7th Grade:  Students begin exercises in career exploration.  Several speakers are brought in to discuss their story and provide students with a “day in the life” of their career.
  • 8th Grade:  The third and final year of UCAN2 focuses on financial literacy and high school preparation.  

Using a version of the “Reality Store”, students participate in the game of “REAL LIFE” by choosing an occupation and making decisions on real life activities.

At one point during REAL LIFE, students have the opportunity to have their picture taken in a cap and gown with the caption “I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN” on the frame. When students realize “I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN”, it validates the whole purpose of the program.

Congratulations to the Moberly Area Community College on winning the Second Place Access Award for 2015. Moberly Area Community College won $500 to continue to grow and expand the UCAN2 program.

To learn more about the UCAN2 program – Check the Moberly Area Community College webpage at 

Interested in nominating your financial education program for the 2016 Access Award? 

Check out the Access Award application at MASFAA website and apply by September 9, 2016. Winners will for the 2016 Access Award will be announced at the MASFAA Conference in Kansas City, MO – October 2-5, 2016. 

If you have questions, contact Angela Johnson, Access Chair at or (216) 987-4213.

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