Friday, December 18, 2015

Seeking Nominations

The MASFAA Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking officer nominations for the 2016-17 year.  Positions available include President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer-Elect and two Delegate At Large positions.  Please consider nominating yourself or fellow colleagues to serve MASFAA.  Additional details about each position and the Nominations and Elections form can be found on the MASFAA website at

The nomination process is open until January 29.  Once nominations close, the Nominations and Elections Committee will assemble the ballot with the goal of having it posted by March 1st.  Once the ballot is posted, current MASFAA members will have fourteen days to vote.

Questions regarding the process or any of the open positions can be directed to a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee.  Members include Kathy Bialk (WV), Sara Beth Holman (WI), Angela Johnson (OH), Buddy Mayfield (MO), Thomas Ratliff (IN), Rick Shipman (MI), Aaron Steffens (IA), Susan Swisher (IL), and David Vikander (MN).

We look forward to reviewing many nominations this year!

Happy Holidays!!

Aaron Steffens

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